Self-Indulgent Idiosyncrasies: Animal Totems, Culture Shock & Virgo Birthdays

Can you find the frog?

Frog Totem

Can you find the frog in the plant? This frog has been visiting me for the past several days. Showing up in the rarest of places – on the patio table, and in my favorite potted plants.Β  Continue reading

Cicadas, Astrology, K-Horror, & Friar Tuck (August 11, 2009)

The Secret Life of Cicadas
Cicada Shell

1. The Secret Life of Cicadas – They live underground for about 5 years (in Korea). They emerge and quickly find a space to shed their hard shell. With their newly found wings the sing their song for 7 days until they die. I noticed a whole bunch of these shells under cherry leaves from the tree in my front yard.Β  At first I thought that’s how they died. Poetic to think this is how they live their remaining days – fully free.

2. A Meal for Friar Tuck – Last week I watched a middle aged Korean lady eat a full fish, head and all.Β  Images of Rocket Robin hood’s Friar Tuck kept popping into my mind.Β  In the video note the way he devours the chicken leg. A powerful image I retained from my youth.

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