Three Red Cars in a Row? Whoa!

Considering the video a made for my post, One of These Just Ain’t Like the Others, I was pretty shocked when I stepped out of my car tonight and noticed I had parked among some comrades.


2 thoughts on “Three Red Cars in a Row? Whoa!

  1. Just yesterday (home visiting in the States), when “The Price is Right” announced that the winner had won a new Hyundai Sonata for $34,7xxx, I first commented to Mom from the next room that the price was way too high – and she said, “well, and some other stuff” — but then I asked her what color it was, as I walked into the room and saw, expecting it to be red or some other loud color befitting a prize in the Western world. And there it was, resplendent red along with its sharply curvaceous lines. I had previously commented to her, and took the occasion to reiterate, that almost all cars in Korea are silver, followed by white and black, with the barest smattering of anything gold, green orange, red, purple or blue. I am told it has to do with resale value. No one wants to be thought of as ‘different.’ Except a few people. Like me, and apparently the author of this blog. But not enough to constitute the broad customer base which would support a strong resale market. Sharp lookin’ cars!

    1. Great comment Jordan! Haha! You provided a fun cultural visual of how we perceive our car purchasing. Who new our cultural differences extended to car colors.

      Thank you for subscribing to my Blog!

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