Weekly Photo Challenge: Up in the Air

As I boarded the plane in Vancouver, Canada heading for Incheon, South Korea, I checked my iPhone one last time and found this week’s photo challenge in my inbox: perfect timing. I am so grateful to have been able to see Canada from this perspective.

Above northern British Columbia, Canada – August 26, 2011

Byongchan’s window seat

I think we had already been in the air an hour when I took this picture.

Blue glacier waters

Making the flight bearable


Expressing Cultural Pride Acadian Style: Tintamarre!

On August 15 (National Acadian Day), Acadians in the Maritimes get together to make a collective clamor we like to call the Tintamarre. This August 15 I took part in the Tintamarre with many other Acadians from Clare, NS despite the rainy weather. Even my husband was able to enjoy his first Tintamarre. We had tonnes of fun waving our flags while clapping, yelling, shaking noisemakers, honking car and motorcycle horns, setting off alarms, hitting our kitchen pots, blowing in vuvuzelas and fog horns, and for my mom, scrapping the “frottoire” (washboard). The day ended with a fantastic performance from our local musicians Grand Dérangement.

Although I’m not a fan of overt nationalism, it’s hard not to smile and cheer for my peeps on this day. Vive l’Acadie :P

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Entrance of Port Royal

On Thursday we visited the 1605 French settlement, Port Royal in Nova Scotia. It felt good to get back to my roots. Here is the entrance to the habitation.

Pottery found in the kitchen

L’ordre du bon temps!

View from inside the habitation

Possible remedies

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken at the Golf Course

Heading out to the Clare Golf & Country Club to watch my mother and husband play their first round of golf together, I imagined I would simply record their swings and putts with my new Panasonic Lumix LX5. I was pleasantly surprised by the broken theme we discovered here. Even a curious squirrel joined in the photography!

The severe thunderstorm that struck our region on August 2, 2011 caused quite a few trees to break and fall. Thank you Mother Nature for creating beauty out of chaos! Watch my 56 second video of the storm at this blog post, Saulnierville, Nova Scotia’s 13 Hour Lightening Show.

But for now, please enjoy the broken scenes.

Squirrel 0n a Broken Tree

Broken Tree & Golf Cart

Putt It Here

Broken Trunk & Golfer

Old Broken Spruce

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken at the Meteghan Wharf

When I began the “broken” photo challenge I must admit I was highly doubtful I’d be able to find something pleasing to the eye. Who knew that a short trip to the Meteghan Wharf (Quai de Meteghan) would bring such beautifully broken scenes. Sadly — yet fortunate for this photo shoot — even a broken winged seagull graced us with its presence.

Broken Red Door

Broken White Window

Broken Wharf

Broken Parking Arrow

Broken Wing

Broken Ship

Gratitude 감사하는 마음

I feel grateful…
…for my husband’s willingness to support me while we are visiting home in Clare, NS.
…for my family’s love and hospitality, which I seem to measure in time, space and energy.
…for our friends who are taking care of our two dogs, 앵두 and 삼순, in 대한민국 (South Korea).
…for my 시어머니 (mother-in-law) who is watching our garden and home.
…for the month and a half summer vacation that Keimyung University gives me.

I don’t use the following expression much, but there is no other way to describe this feeling: I feel truly blessed.

Thank you.

Saulnierville, Nova Scotia’s 13 Hour Lightning Show

Yesterday (August 2, 2011), Nova Scotia was hit with an unprecedented thunder and lightning storm. Still recovering from jet lag from my trip to Nova Scotia from South Korea, I woke up at 3am to the sound of rumbling, and to flashes of light in the night sky. This lasted until 4pm that afternoon in Saulnierville, NS. This was a special gift from nature for a Nova Scotia visitor.

(I edited  the previous post due to a crucial misspelling :P Lesson learned. I apologize for the repeat post.)

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Solo Cicada Song

With such an ear-piercing melody, you would think that the cicada would be quite the social creature. You might also think this if you ever caught a glimpse of its boogieing behind. It definitely knows how to shakes its rump. On the contrary, the South Korean cicada isn’t much for company. As soon as it senses someone else intruding on its party of one, that butt stops grooving and the volume is turned down to zero. See for yourself in this stealth video I was able to capture.