Expressing Cultural Pride Acadian Style: Tintamarre!

On August 15 (National Acadian Day), Acadians in the Maritimes get together to make a collective clamor we like to call the Tintamarre. This August 15 I took part in the Tintamarre with many other Acadians from Clare, NS despite the rainy weather. Even my husband was able to enjoy his first Tintamarre. We had tonnes of fun waving our flags while clapping, yelling, shaking noisemakers, honking car and motorcycle horns, setting off alarms, hitting our kitchen pots, blowing in vuvuzelas and fog horns, and for my mom, scrapping the “frottoire” (washboard). The day ended with a fantastic performance from our local musicians Grand Dérangement.

Although I’m not a fan of overt nationalism, it’s hard not to smile and cheer for my peeps on this day. Vive l’Acadie :P

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