Weekly Photo Challenge: Circling Up Above

As my dear friend and I sat at the picnic table at the Meteghan Wharf to enjoy our yearly visit over a plate of fried clams, a scallop burger and a poutine, these scavenging seagulls entertained us as they circled up above for tasty morsels down below.

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Circling Up Above

    1. Hails! I’ve been meaning to tell you about this since this summer! Better late than never. The weekly photo challenge was set up by some peeps at WordPress http://dailypost.wordpress.com/category/photo-challenges/. Follow the instructions and you’ll become part of the community. It really increases exposure to your blog and it’s a whole lot of fun. I also joined the Post a Week challenge to encourage me to post more often. There is also a Post a Day challenge. Of course you don’t get any penalties if you can’t make the deadlines, but the benefit of trying is that you become an active member of a sharing community. My teaching blog even got chosen as an inspirational piece http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2011/05/10/finding-my-voice-via-reflective-blogging-throwing-back-tokens/ as part of the challenge. If I hadn’t joined the challenge it would have taken much longer to get noticed. Through this challenge I’ve met like minded folk who enjoy reading my blog, and now I like reading theirs. Hope you join in Hails!

  1. somehow my email has been blocked recently and i am finally able to access to it after long process. i read your email regarding the meeting and i totally understand how u feel. we all need enough time to process all the changes in us. i hope to see u soon though:) i feel the same after my trip to Australia or South Africa, i feel like i was Alice from Wonderland as u said it’s like coming through the wormhole:) i enjoyed your creative photos. i especially like these two, the seagulls n you with your dear friend. I also like the squirrel on the broken spruce tree. Catch u later alligator~~~bye for now~~

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