Weekly Photo Challenge: Nested Textures

My third entry for the weekly photo challenge was inspired by the blog Thoughts from Finchley. This blogger added images of rusted textures that reminded me of the rusty bird nest that greeted us upon arrival from our month long trip to Nova Scotia. It seems this unfortunate bird tried nesting in the coal-fired heater pipe in my husband’s studio. Perhaps the nest created the moisture for the pipe to rust and eventually fall to the ground. Sad story for the eggs; perfect photographs for this challenge.

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26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Nested Textures

  1. Beautiful photos .It’s more than just a visual texture, it serves to teach us what life is all about. Sometimes no matter how difficult our circumstances are, we need to try, just like this bird who tried to bring forth life. She probably had a broken heart to see her eggs die but in heart she knows she tried. In the end , that’s what matters the most. Inspiring post. Thank you and wishing all the blessings in life.

    1. Thank you so much for the extra pingback! Just curious, but so you use Zemanta to add your recommended links, or do you type them in yourself? I’m trying to learn more about this process.

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