The Sunset Chaser

Chasing sunsets.

I am a sunset chaser.

When I come to Nova Scotia, I anticipate the chase.

Yet the Sun is a precarious target. She is fond of the privacy clouds provide. She is grateful someone sees her closeted, introverted nature. The clouds envelop her in their cool, velvety embrace and secure her from the gaze of millions.

The sunset chaser’s relationship with clouds is bittersweet. Clouds either take away the Sun, or accompanied by the Sun, they create a canvas of miraculous collaboration.

To my fortune, last summer, the Sun came out to play with the clouds, and at times ventured out on her own. For a few moments, she was able to put her worries of being among others aside.

And in these moments, this sunset chaser captured the Sun’s wondrous beauty to share with all of you.

Red Sunset

Sunset through the Viewfinder

Saulnierville Sunset

Red Hot Sunset

Wispy Sunset

Magical Colors through the Viewfinder

Lighthouse Sunset (L’anse des Belliveau, NS)

Swept Away


47 thoughts on “The Sunset Chaser

    1. Thank you for checking in re: our previous conversation. That was actually on my other blog, Throwing Back Tokens. You can find your comments at the following link. So sorry for any confusion, and I appreciate you bouncing between both my blogs. I am very interested in your input. Send me an email if you have anymore problems.

  1. Wow, what a great set of sunsets you have in here… I wanted to say my favorite is the Red Hot sunset but no, all are stunning – thanks for sharing… :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Yes it is hard to choose just one. The Red Hot Sun was also a favorite of mine, but with the variety of colors, it really isn’t fair to choose one. Have a great weekend!

  2. each one of these was worth the chase. interesting term – i often think of myself as chasing an image or a story as well :) and yet there are times when the story chases me. that is fun, too and often very rewarding.
    thanks for sharing these beautiful moments.

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the story that accompanied my photos. At first I was just going to express my photography as a journalist would, and then this more colorful expression came to mind. It was much more befitting of the experience. I love how you said that the story sometimes chases you. I imagine that is what happened with you and Mr. Wong :)

      1. yes, that is a case in point :)
        hope you have a wonderful week. happy blogging!
        by the way, did you implement the ‘faces’ into your writing class? would be interesting to learn how that turned out.

      2. What an interesting idea! I never thought of that. So you mean, I could ask my students about what certain faces mean to them? I’d love to hear about any ideas you have around how I could implement this in my writing class. I’m excited about the possibilities now! Thank you…is your name a secret? :P

      3. hi Josette, I must have misunderstood your comment on my faces page. Based on what you said, I thought the collection of idioms on my ‘two mugshots’ image had triggered a writing idea for you. if not, then no worries :)
        and no, my name is not a secret. in my non-blogging life, everyone calls me Chris, and that does does appear on my blog in a few places. Do feel free to call me that if you like. However, ‘pix & kardz’ is how most folks at wordpress know me :)

      4. Ah yes! Now I remember! You mean this post Thank you for the reminder. I think I’ll be able to use this post in a creative writing activity in the next few months. If you see a bunch of hits coming from Korea, you’ll know why.

        After I posted my comment, I noticed that the name Kris was in your email address. Nice to meet you Chris :) Is that you in the Faces pictures?

      5. Hi Josette,
        Nice to meet you as well. Yes, that is exactly the post I was referring to. And no, my face does not appear on either of my two faces posts. Although I am part of every image in the blog, inasmuch as I am the one capturing them, my face tends to be behind the lens :)
        In any event, visitors from your classroom are certainly welcome at my site :)
        Do take care & have a wonderful day, Chris, aka P&K :)

  3. My heart and vision are both swept away but the spectacular sunsets that lies before me…all these photos are beautiful, each one unique and captivates its own charm. I’m spellbound by its beauty! Thank you for sharing. This post is a delight to the senses.have a great weekend.

    1. I appreciate your comments so much. You really take the time to connect with the entry and express what they mean to you. This makes me want to blog even more! I am happy my photos brought you some happiness. Have a great weekend too!

    1. Haha…that’s okay Kate. You can enjoy them all! I had so much fun taking them. A few times it involved me running from my house to the beach so that I would catch the sun rays in time.

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