A Single Word for Autumn in Korea

Dan-poong (단풍).

This single Korean word describes the period of time when leaves change color in autumn. In English you have to describe this event within a phrase (“the colors of the leaves this fall are spectacular!”), but in Korean all you have to utter is “dan-poong is spectacular!”. I love this about the Korean language. Complex events or experiences are often described within one word. (See jeong & han)

Dan-poong is a wondrous phenomenon of nature and deserves to be in this week’s photo challenge: wonder.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Dragon Window

My husband and I visited an arboretum today. We followed a long path up the mountain that indicated it would lead us to a look-off. Below is the look-off building, and above is one of its windows.

Join the Happiness Project

The basics:

Make a poster that describes what makes you happy, and tell us about it. It’s that easy!

Find details on how to enter at, The Happiness Project. This fabulous project is the creation of two amazing educators, Chuck Sandy and Vladimira Michalkova. Help them spread the joy!

My entry:

My Happiness

This project brings me happiness! It’s such a fantastic idea, and I’m excited to be a part of it. I can’t wait to see how far it goes!

I feel happy in my communities! I’m so grateful for my communities:

– My families & cultures (Korean, Canadian, and Acadian)
– My Nonviolent Communication (NVC) practice group
– My School for International Training (SIT) soul mates (MA TESOL colleagues)
– My blogging communities …and now my Twitter community!
– The participants in our training program

And last but not least, the happiness I find in love, fun and beauty.

i.e. My husband and I riding off into the multidimensional, Nova Scotia sunset.

Can you find the corresponding pictures?

My Happiness

Happiness in my creative side: privatemixture.wordpress.com
Happiness in my professional — and also — creative side: tokenteach.wordpress.com

Combine these two sides, and you have one happy lady :)

Thank you, Chuck and Vladimira!, for giving me the space to reflect on my happiness.