Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the details

On my way to back Korea from Costa Rica, I had the chance to stopover for a day in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA. Luckily, my sister was up from Lafayette, Louisiana to visit my parents who spend two months of the year here (see snowbirds). It was the first time in 4 years the four of us were together. During our only morning together, we went for a power walk on the white sandy beach, a two minute jaunt from their condo. While walking, my sister – on the phone with United Airlines waiting to see if she could change her flight so we could be on the same plane the next morning – silently grabbed attention and pointed to the sand. Here are the details:

Weekly Photo Challenge: lost in the details


And this is the rest of the story:

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the details

  1. Oh man, you brought back so many memories for me in this entry! Did you stay in the Don Cesar? Glad you all seized the opportunity to be together!

    1. K! Did you live near there? I can’t remember where you used to live in Florida.

      No we didn’t stay there. My parents rent a condo in an area up the strip. I just took this shot from the beach as we were walking by. It’s such mammoth. And in pink. So awesome. Have you stayed there? Would love to see inside.

    1. Thanks for the names! I didn’t know what the name of that place was. The place is Don Cesar and the Caspian turn is which picture? I was only there a day. ;)

    1. Thanks for the comments and stopping by! Those seagulls are very cool. Cool as in, chill…haha ;) They just posed. No stress. It was my first time seeing that kind. Glad I was able to catch these shots.

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