Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh mojito… in Daegu?

Nothing beats the Daegu heat like an ice filled mojito. Perhaps the best (and the only real one worth ordering) in the city. Check out Francesco downtown.

This is my refreshing entry for this week’s photo challenge. I needed this blogging break after three days of 9 to 5 teaching. 14 days to go!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

On Sunday, I saw my dear friend, Soon-Seon, get married. Her smile radiated throughout the whole event: from the pre-ceremony picture taking, to the buffet hall walk through in her hanbok.

Soon-Seon's day

I remember thinking her smile could be the subject of this week’s photo challenge, but then on the way back home this happened.

Rainbow view from the MugungHwa train
rainbow beyond the lotus fields
if there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, that apartment complex is pretty lucky.
the stormy backdrop makes a wonderful contrast for the sunlit apartment buildings
the golden hour begins on the Yeongcheon tracks
sun setting in the rice fields


This was perhaps one of the best lead ups to a sunset that I’ve ever experienced. There definitely a lot of gold on this day. :)

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