Wordless Wednesday: come out of your shell

Today, two friends, Kristina and Simon, posted two very different pictures, at opposite ends of the globe, Japan and Canada, with a title referenced to “coming out of one’s shell”. I’d say that kind of synchronicity deserves a blog post. :)

Thanks to Janaline’s World Journey for leading me to this WordPress hump day tradition!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That, and surprise.

– Julia Cameron

I was focusing on this…

drops on petals


…when I realized this needed my focus instead.

a row of droplets


Join the photo challenge by clicking here, Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

Carefree. An excellent word to represent how we spent this past weekend: beaching, lounging, swimming, and eating in Phuket, Thailand. Perfectly timed for this week’s photo challenge: Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree.

first dip

carefree at Patong Beach

fresh mango? Why, yes. Thank you.

Phuket sunset



not worried one bit about the mopeds zipping by

P1030581street scenery 

P1030588Last day. Taking it all in.

P1030620Seahorse fountains? Who could resist.


P1030635Final round of pad thai and tom yummmmm!

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One Shot. Two Ways (El Invu, Costa Rica)

Feeling playful? Finish these well-known (of course, depending on your age and where you grew up) song lyrics:

  1. Get on the bus, Gus.
  2. The wheels on the bus go…
  3. Magic bus!

Let me know if you need any back up. ;)

Now please enjoy photos of a pink bus for the Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways.
pink bus headlight

pink bus - right side

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Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways (Tin Hau Temple, Hong Kong)

Look up. Mind your breath. The incense smoke is thick. Now light a spiral stick for the Tin Hau Temple goddess of the sea. Look forward. Bow three times.

A challenge about perspective taking, Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways, with the fine folk at The Daily Post.