Fire-spinning Nostalgia

In a past life, I was a fire-spinner.

Before coming to Korea, I had a short career as a fire performer: I did workshops (my first teaching experience I think) and performances in my community, and I once busked at a jazz festival.  I haven’t spun in about 6 years. My speciality was spinning fire poi.

When Byongchan and I went to Thailand recently, we sat down at an outdoor market for dinner. We didn’t expect to see the performance you see below.  Watching him spin, I was flooded  with memories of a time that seemed so foreign. He reminded me of how much I loved spinning. He reminded me of the long hours I used to spend practicing, and how hours passed by like minutes. I recalled the joy I used to feel when I finally got a new move.

Well, thanks to this bit of nostalgia, I am picking up poi again.

fresh, new poi from Home of Poi
Fresh, new poi from Home of Poi

Now, please enjoy the Thailand fire show, and scroll down for a performance of my very own.

Fire staff






Below is a video of me spinning LED poi at the SIT El Café in Brattleboro, Vermont, USA. It’s not the best lighting, but it is a dear moment. The voices in the background are voices I hold dear in my heart. They are the voices of my dear MA TESOL friends, and they remind me of a night we all shared a little piece of ourselves. This is my little piece.


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