Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

After a long hiatus from WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge, this week’s prompt has pulled me back in: object. During my family’s recent trip to Tioman Island in Malaysia, I found many curious objects washed up on the shore.

Based on my pictures, you may think the beach was filthy. This is not the case. This is how beautiful the beach was.

Tioman Island

I just happened to find a small treasure filled patch. Perhaps, the rough rainy season waves were the cause of these little quirks.

I’m just keeping the legs


Taking out the good china

Didn't like the china

Then on a little hike to “town”, I found this bike chain melted into to asphalt. It was a hot day, but not this hot.

Bike chain in asphalt


13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

    1. Thank you Viveka! I like that one very much also. My husband found it. It really made me smile. As I look at it more I think I like it most because of the contrast in colours. Now it’s time to check out your entry!

      1. Yes, that’s why I like it .. the bold blue on a pair of plastic legs beside the fragile broken seashell and the soft sand, both in the same shade. So well composed that photo.

  1. Thank you for the reply Josette (I do take pics with my cell phone camera and love doing that, even though the quality is never perfect) The line about cockroaches was especially for the two of my reflective friends :-) Great to be in touch with you. Take care.

  2. They are beautiful pictures! I am so excited to find this blog of yours! Seeing and sharing the world through images is something I would dream to learn. You are in inspiration (again! :-)

    1. Thank you Zhenya! I’m so happy these inspired you! I’d love to take you object hunting someday. Make sure to bring a camera next summer. :) Now I’m going over to your new post on ELT Rants. I have to comment on the cockroaches…haha… Take care my dear!

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