La vie est belle! 

Life is beautiful!

It’s the idiosyncrasies of life I refer to when I exclaim this mantra. Idiosyncrasies are what make life intriguing and beautifully wondrous. One of my favorite pastimes is noticing and highlighting actions, qualities, and situations I perceive as whimsical, weird, magical, striking, or significant. This highlighting could relate to my time spent exploring nature or culture via these unique lenses.

I hope you also find delight in this personal mixture of life’s quirky intricacies.

And if you’re interested in reading my blog about my experiences as a reflective teacher, please visit www.throwingbacktokens.wordpress.com.



11 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks for commenting on my blog’s theme! It keeps me light. :) And thank you for the Korea well-wishes. This country has been serving me very well for the past 8 years. Take care!

      1. Wow, you’ve bee in Korea for 8 years!?? You should meet my friend Myrna who lives and works there. She’s about 34 or so. Be safe with all that mess going on with North Korea! :-)

  1. Josette- I truly love your blog. It is so joyous and really I think is so helpful to so many people. I am awarding you The Candle Lighter Award. It’s an award I created to recognize blogs that are positive, optimistic,, etc. Here is the link so you can read more about the award and post the award on your blog. You don’t have to award it to anyone, but you are more than welcome to grab the link and do so. If you do, I’d love to know who you gave it to so I can add them to my list and follow them too. http://believeanyway.wordpress.com/the-candle-lighter-award/

    Thanks for your wonderful blog.

    1. Merci George! Thank you for making the connection. Your photo is gorgeous. The seagull shows such grace in its suffering. I thought it was hard to take that shot, but it was also so honest. How did you feel when you took it?

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