What the Snow Reveals

When I woke up to the snow on Wednesday morning, I knew I’d have to work quickly to photograph the magical scene. As soon as I stepped out the door I could hear the snow melting. Yeongcheon isn’t dealing with the heaps of snow my friends in Gangwon-do are dealing with. Actually the snow was mostly gone by Wednesday afternoon.

The following pictures are descriptions of what the snow revealed to me.


Samsoon waits patiently as I get the right shot.

the winter journey begins!

The moss woke up for a moment.

On the right, the snow reveals a lone grave. the lone grave

Samsoon is getting bored with my photography. *yawnSamsoon's getting bored


Once again the snow reveals layers you would miss without it.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

I went to a new friend’s house today — or an old friend depending on how you look at life. These sweet baby chicks, strong and wise, were born on her farm yesterday. It is clear why I chose these pictures, along with her soul grounding heart rocks, for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Love.

Being at her home reminded me of what Thich Nhat Hanh says:

” Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”

This walk, that is true love.

touch love

mom & chick

mom & chick

Can I get in?

Love is everything

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond Visual Limits in Costa Rica

“I’m so lucky to see this.” A fleeting moment of awe and inspiration. At this moment, everyone on the airplane went beyond their usual visual limitations, and saw Costa Rica from such a generous perspective. I feel grateful to have been able to see the country from this point of view.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Costa Rica arial 4

Costa Rica arial 3

Costa Rica arial 2

Costa Rica arial

I’m not sure where this is. It was about an hour and a half out of Houston. It was too beautiful to leave out of this series Could we say its beauty is “beyond description”? :P

Latin America arial

Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination in Seoul

One perspective on how a “Seoul” illuminates.

– submitted to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

Please click on a picture to see a slideshow.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

I guess by posting this, I resolve to get back to my long forgotten, yet cherished, personal blog. And it so has it that I will begin this resolution with a photo challenge of the same name: resolved. 

Does this make this post a redundant resolution? Or a meta resolution? I’ll ponder this as you enjoy another/same resolution:

I resolve to find beauty daily.

This is where I begin: