Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea (married on Mavillette Beach, NS)

As I was browsing for photos for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea, I found these: my sister‘s best friend’s wedding.

Dear Natalie, this is for you…. and a song you might remember. Scroll to the end for this beauty. ;-)




“Natalie, oh, she’s pretty!”


I don’t know if Natalie remembers, but I used to sing this song anytime she came over. I still remember her giggles. Oh, the silliness.

Photos taken in the summer of 2010

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful

7am – Saulnierville, Nova Scotia

Weekly Photo Challenge: Up in the Air

As I boarded the plane in Vancouver, Canada heading for Incheon, South Korea, I checked my iPhone one last time and found this week’s photo challenge in my inbox: perfect timing. I am so grateful to have been able to see Canada from this perspective.

Above northern British Columbia, Canada – August 26, 2011

Byongchan’s window seat

I think we had already been in the air an hour when I took this picture.

Blue glacier waters

Making the flight bearable

Gratitude 감사하는 마음

I feel grateful…
…for my husband’s willingness to support me while we are visiting home in Clare, NS.
…for my family’s love and hospitality, which I seem to measure in time, space and energy.
…for our friends who are taking care of our two dogs, 앵두 and 삼순, in 대한민국 (South Korea).
…for my 시어머니 (mother-in-law) who is watching our garden and home.
…for the month and a half summer vacation that Keimyung University gives me.

I don’t use the following expression much, but there is no other way to describe this feeling: I feel truly blessed.

Thank you.