Weekly Photo Challenge: a fleeting moment with snail poo

When I saw this week’s photo challenge was based on the theme “fleeting”, I knew I would finally be able to share my pooping snail pictures. Yes, I caught a snail in the act of doing numéro 2. Nothing more fleeting than that if you ask me. Maybe I should preface this photo tale by stating that having lived in Korea for over eight years, I have no shame in sharing a good ‘ol dung or 똥 story. If you’ve spent any time in Korea, you’ll know what I mean. For others, click here for a little background information.

National Geographic, eat your heart out.

See that little piece sticking out of its side? Yup, you guessed it. Only realized it after the following happened. *Note the contraction of its tentacles.
And there you have it folks.
Keep on truckin’ little snail.