Wordless Wednesday: come out of your shell

Today, two friends, Kristina and Simon, posted two very different pictures, at opposite ends of the globe, Japan and Canada, with a title referenced to “coming out of one’s shell”. I’d say that kind of synchronicity deserves a blog post. :)

Thanks to Janaline’s World Journey for leading me to this WordPress hump day tradition!



The Art of Synchronicity

On my Facebook info page, under the religious views category, I wrote the word Synchronicity. Some may call it coincidence, but to me, when things just seem to align at the right moment or happen at the same instance across time and space, it’s called the higher energy that guides and supports life; others call this God. In any case, when moments like this happen, I get excited and inspired.

One of these moments popped up in my office today. In the picture above, you see a picture my friend Hailey Tallman drew. It’s her interpretation of me as a teacher. When Hailey gave this to me, I felt so touched. The fact that she took the time to portray a part of my life that is so dear to me in such a creative way, moved me in many joyous ways.  Unfortunately, after moving into my new home, this picture stayed in the closet for over two years, waiting for me to release it. Well, today was the day.

This morning, before my 9am class, I put five pieces of tape behind its blue paper, and stuck it on my office wall. I wanted to put it there to remind me of my passion for teaching. You decide if the next part to this story is a coincidence or a higher energy at work. At 1pm, during my lunch break, I saw that Hailey had posted this entry, Art, art and more art! in her blog, Thanks for the Blues.

I’ll chalk this one up to synchronicity. Hailey drew this picture around the same time she drew mine! How long ago was that Hailey?

Thank you for this moment Hails! As always, we remain connected beyond time and space….and what this means in the grander scheme of things, synchronicity only knows.

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