Fire-spinning Nostalgia

In a past life, I was a fire-spinner.

Before coming to Korea, I had a short career as a fire performer: I did workshops (my first teaching experience I think) and performances in my community, and I once busked at a jazz festival.  I haven’t spun in about 6 years. My speciality was spinning fire poi.

When Byongchan and I went to Thailand recently, we sat down at an outdoor market for dinner. We didn’t expect to see the performance you see below.  Watching him spin, I was flooded  with memories of a time that seemed so foreign. He reminded me of how much I loved spinning. He reminded me of the long hours I used to spend practicing, and how hours passed by like minutes. I recalled the joy I used to feel when I finally got a new move.

Well, thanks to this bit of nostalgia, I am picking up poi again.

fresh, new poi from Home of Poi
Fresh, new poi from Home of Poi

Now, please enjoy the Thailand fire show, and scroll down for a performance of my very own.

Fire staff






Below is a video of me spinning LED poi at the SIT El Café in Brattleboro, Vermont, USA. It’s not the best lighting, but it is a dear moment. The voices in the background are voices I hold dear in my heart. They are the voices of my dear MA TESOL friends, and they remind me of a night we all shared a little piece of ourselves. This is my little piece.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

Carefree. An excellent word to represent how we spent this past weekend: beaching, lounging, swimming, and eating in Phuket, Thailand. Perfectly timed for this week’s photo challenge: Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree.

first dip

carefree at Patong Beach

fresh mango? Why, yes. Thank you.

Phuket sunset



not worried one bit about the mopeds zipping by

P1030581street scenery 

P1030588Last day. Taking it all in.

P1030620Seahorse fountains? Who could resist.


P1030635Final round of pad thai and tom yummmmm!

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