Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves on the Streets of Macau

Here are Macau‘s curves for this week’s photo challenge.

In life, as in art, the beautiful moves in curves. – Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

We did lunch in Macau and dinner in Hong Kong in April 2013.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Up in Houston

This is much belated post dedicated to my lovely friend Anne and her equally lovely family who generously took me in for a night on my way to Costa Rica last February. As I looked through my pictures of my short Houston layover, I noticed that we had done a lot of looking up: the sunset, birds on wires, camera shots, and the artistic light show celebration of Black History Month. A perfect addition to the Weekly Photo Challenge: UP.

For other upwardly photographs, check out Weekly Photo Challenge: Circling Up Above, and Weekly Photo Challenge: Up in the Air.


Between the urban cracks

My little dedication to this urban world I live in.

Have you ever thought about the grass that grows in sidewalk cracks?

These hardy plants are generally written off as undesirable. They’re routinely trampled, savaged by extreme summer heat, washed out by rainfall and buried by winter snow. To survive these conditions is a testament to the plants’ resilience, but they rarely get much love or attention.

Continue reading David Suzuki’s article, Nature in the Urban Cracks, here.


weekly photo challenge: the colorful graffiti of Hongdae

When my sister — music and culture blogger at louizette.com — came to visit me last summer, we became explorers of the Korean landscape. From ancient red, yellow, and blue laced castles to lush green bamboo forests, her first visit to the land of neon lights was definitely a colorful one. One of our final adventures lead us through the vibrant graffiti laden streets of Hongdae, Seoul.

*This is my second entry (Weekly Photo Challenge: Color – Pink & Red) for the Weekly Photo Challenge: Color. Join in!

And here’s another weekly challenge related to my sister’s visit to Korea: Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination in Seoul


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination in Seoul

One perspective on how a “Seoul” illuminates.

– submitted to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

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