Random Shoes

Have you ever noticed discarded shoes on the side of the road as you drive, or in places where you wonder how people could have walked away without something on their feet? This is something I’ve been noticing for a few years now. No matter where you are in the world, if you pay attention you’ll notice that shoes are a commonly abandoned fashion item. I’ve always been fascinated by this phenomenon as it brings to mind the image of someone either walking away barefoot, meandering with only one shoe, or perhaps finally dashing away with that coveted new pair of shoes.

I plan to use this space to showcase these shoes and the stories I imagine behind their disposal. For the moment, I only have the pictures. Someday the stories will follow.


18 thoughts on “Random Shoes

  1. That made me smile big time, because I remember writing something similar in my private blog once :-) Like, where do these lonely shoes on the roadside come from? Where? What’s their story?

    Otherwise, I remember last year, after the lunch break up on the slopes trying to slide off without my skis. I remember having poles in my hands and calling my kids to follow me, when whoosh, down in the snow I landed :-) My daughter has still a hearty laugh when she recalls the incident … And honestly, if my little clumsy misfortunes make her smile that much, let me have some more!

    1. Haha… another reason why I sense a connection to you. Do you think you could find that post? If so, please link it here. :) Now that I’ve created this page, I’m pleasantly surprised at how many other people are noticing this phenomenon.

      What a beautiful image of your daughter smiling and you realizing that this is a magical thing. I wonder if she knows the gift you are giving to her. :) Thank you for sharing this gentle moment. :)

      1. Dear Josette, there are two tiny problems with the link to the post I was talking about. First, it was in Estonian ;-) And secondly, …well, I guess no need for a second problem :-D

        Big hugs

  2. Haha! I once lost a shoe walking home from school, and my mother said that she could never understand it. How could I not realize that one fit had only a sock? Unfortunately, I was only in first grade and don’t remember it.

  3. Fascinating. I understand your comment on my Instagram photo now. I wonder what sort of feeling people have walking away, shoeless, into the world. Is it liberating? And what do they do with the other shoe? I feel sorry for the lonely shoes (but not so much for the hopping owners).

    1. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to respond! After the little “random shoe” back and forth on Twitter today, I came across this. Great questions Anne! How do they feel? Are they happy they have a new pair of shoes maybe? Are they irritated because they only have one shoe now? Ahhh…another one for the movie storyline. :)

  4. Thought the corner in Indinia was the only place they tossed shoes over the high power lines. It is close to the Illinois border and we called it shoe corner because there was always shoes there as most people could not get the shoes over the line. I find shoes interesting.

    1. Thank you for the support on this one Kate! I’m still trying to figure out how I can post the other pictures that I have saved on my harddrive. I have to figure out more about this WordPress theme: like do I create a drop down menu from the menu bar, or do I just post all the pictures on one page? It seems that doing the second option would be tedious for readers.

      Then I had another thought where I would ask others – your shoe story for example – to contribute to this page. So many ideas! That’s why the page has been static for a while.

      I think your comments may have spurred on tonight’s blogging project. Thanks Kate!

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