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Moments in Malaysia: Les Portes de Penang


Arches. Bars. Cracks. Colors.

Welcome. Stay out.

Beckoning curiosity.


Canon Street

temple door


P1050209February 2014


Hong Kong Diaries: One the Way to Soho


Above ground. Underground. Dim. Lit.

Affluence Escalates Homesickness.

Backyard. Bamboo. Soho.

View from our room - Goodbye Hong Kong, Hello Soho!

View from our room – Goodbye Hong Kong!



Central station

Central station

Apple pit stop

Apple pit stop

At first glance, we thought these were homeless women. But when we noticed how many there were (everywhere!), and also how organized they looked (many playing card games with each other; delicious meals prepped and being served…) we realized there must be another story. Here it is: Filipino migrant workers in Hong Kong recreate urban spaces

Soho escalator

Soho escalator

Bamboo scaffolding

Soho scaffolding



behind Soho

behind Soho

Sooo Soho

so long Soho

Closing the Hong Kong Diaries.

– April 2013

Hong Kong Diaries: Wandering the Streets


Tradition. Red. Haze. Hustle. Bustle. Lights. Stars.

Tin Hau Temple

Ladies' Market

Ladies’ Market

The Great Wall

The Great Wall

Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour


the one and only

Double-deckers and the night haze – walking away from Avenue of Stars

April 2013

Hong Kong Diaries: Settling in


Imagination. Reality. Convergence. Hong Kong.

Macau to Hong Kong

Arriving in Hong Kong from Macau: April 2013

Tonight's Dinner

Our first meal in Hong Kong was as much a feast for the ears as it was a feast for the stomach: loud, Cantonese, food.

A little Hong Kong luxury

Living in luxury for a few nights. Yes, that is a harpist.

Trip date: April 2013

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea (East or Japan?)


For this week’s challenge, a few shots on our way to and from Fukuoka, Japan via the waters of this sea that shall not be named.

Names are a hot topic here…

… except mine I think. ;-P

boarding pass

Leaving Pusan


leaving Pusan

Leaving Fukuoka

view from the ferry

Photos taken in August 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways (Tin Hau Temple, Hong Kong)


Look up. Mind your breath. The incense smoke is thick. Now light a spiral stick for the Tin Hau Temple goddess of the sea. Look forward. Bow three times.

A challenge about perspective taking, Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways, with the fine folk at The Daily Post.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour


On Sunday, I saw my dear friend, Soon-Seon, get married. Her smile radiated throughout the whole event: from the pre-ceremony picture taking, to the buffet hall walk through in her hanbok.

Soon-Seon's day

I remember thinking her smile could be the subject of this week’s photo challenge, but then on the way back home this happened.

Rainbow view from the MugungHwa train

rainbow beyond the lotus fields

if there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, that apartment complex is pretty lucky.

the stormy backdrop makes a wonderful contrast for the sunlit apartment buildings

the golden hour begins on the Yeongcheon tracks

sun setting in the rice fields


This was perhaps one of the best lead ups to a sunset that I’ve ever experienced. There definitely a lot of gold on this day. :)

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